Using unique and powerful Motivational and Attitudinal Patterns (MAPs) information helps you design and deliver outstanding coaching sessions that lead to the desired outcomes and changes faster.

The Motivational and Attitudinal Patterns the iWAM measures are the 'headwaters' of our thinking, decision making, and behaving; they influence everything downstream from the experience. Therefore, revealing one's patterns helps you know not only what to coach, but also how to coach for maximum effectiveness. 

There are no right or wrong patterns, the question is: 

     'What works and what doesn't? What fits and what doesn't?

The answers help you design the content of coaching.

The motivational language the iWAM provides for each patterns helps you coach more effectively: incorporate recommended verbal 'hot buttons' and avoid phrases that create resistance while delivering a coaching session to shift the patterns to more effective levels in a given role/context.

You can coach to two people having difficulty working with each other with the help of the unique iWAM Paired Comparison Report!


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