What clients say about the iWAM... 


"Reports from the iWAM assessment have been very well received by my executive coaching clients. The iWAM Meta report has proven particularly beneficial in helping the leaders I work with understand and benefit from my iWAM interpretations. I recently facilitated an eight hour team building project with six top executive leaders using the team report and information from the iWAM Resource Guide. The process proved to be as fun as it was informative. The feedback was very positive. They said it was the best leadership and team development process they had ever experienced."

                                             Tom Nees
                                             Founder and President
                                             Leading To Serve, Inc.


"The iWAM assessment tool has been very helpful in understanding the underlying motivations that drive leadership behavior. The results assist the leader and coach in creating a more effective development plan. For example when examining leadership areas of development, the iWAM provides evidence on the likelihood of a successful change in leader behavior. It also provides the leader with helpful information about why he or she may be behaving they way they are in certain situations and why they may be doing well with some colleagues and having great difficulty with others. Overall, I have found the iWAM to be a great addition to our leadership and professional development program."
                                             Lori O. Lewis, Ph.D.
                                             Director of Organizational Development
                                             Enterprise Bank & Trust


"The members of my MBA business class were very impressed with iWAM; their reactions were extremely favorable across the board. They felt the results of the instrument were very insightful. In addition, I have done a research project on an organization and, with the aid of the iWAM, can add another item to the list about what makes the organization under study great."

                                             Bob Miller, Ph.D.
                                             Consultant & University Faculty Member


"The iWAM has become an integral part of my coaching practice. It is by far and away the most useful assessment instrument on the market. It gets to the most critical aspect of human performance...a person’s motivations and attitudes."

                                             Chuck Appleby, Ph.D.
                                             Appleby & Associates

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