iWAM Applications for Individuals

     CAREER DEVELOPMENT - Reveal what      types of roles, tasks, responsibilities, work      environment, work approach, and work      rules attitudes are preferred or most
     dominant for an individual to help
     design their career and increase
     their chance for success.

- The “iWAM Clock” reveals how long people are likely to be engaged in a role before boredom or burn-out sets in. It helps individuals formulate strategies for their careers by clarifying need for changes and the areas of interest to pursue.

    Identify patterns that are valuable and
    those that might need improvement in a
    supervisory role. Learn how to manage
                                                        and coach different individuals effectively:
                                                        – One size does not fit all!

COACHING – The iWAM reports provide guidance not only on what to coach, but also on how to coach for maximum effectiveness. The iWAM Paired Comparison Report helps understand differences between two people and provides a way to resolve conflicts for better performance.

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