iWAM Bytes

In 2020, The Institute planned to provide some educational and exchange forums related to the Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM).

We were well-intentioned but did not anticipate (a) the Coronavirus or (b) some medical issues.

Now what?

We’re getting back in action. But things are a little different.

For one thing, the air waves are now full of webinars. So, anything we do has to add more value than other ways you can spend your time.

Our go-forward strategy will be built around “iWAM BYTES”.


iWAM Bytes are short recordings of aspects of interpreting the iWAM. Certified professionals will probably remember many of the points from that experience.

iWAM Bytes will also include ideas for interpreting certain aspects of the iWAM. These are not intended to suggest that what we present is either the right way or even the best way. Rather, we’ll share what we think we’ve learned as one way of framing the interpretation as well as a way to stimulate conversation about interpreting the iWAM.

What about the Webinars?

We still intend to provide the online space for gathering and will plan to record the sessions for those in different time zones or whose schedules do not permit connecting at that particular time.

What will be different?

Instead of being content-heavy, the sessions will focus more on participants’ input and interaction.

How will we do that?

First, we’ll send out a notice of date/time/topic. The topic will be specific and if it is addressed in an iWAM BYTE, we’ll note that.

Then, if you plan to attend, we’ll ask you if you have an idea, example, or question you’d like to share.

Finally, using that input, we’ll construct the agenda. And, we’ll gather anything you want to post during the session so that it’s available.

We’ll see if this approach has positive possibilities after we create and post the initial iWAM BYTES segments.