Michelle Duval Launches F4S!

Can entrepreneurial success
be predicted?

That's the title of a research paper by Michelle Duval, the Sydney-based coach and consultant who launched the global business Fingerprint for Success in 2016. Michelle is a long-time researcher of the relationship between motivation, attitude, and entrepreneurship.

This research–qualitative and quantitative–culminated with a 2013 research study and serves as the foundation for Fingerprint for Success.

The Research

The white paper summarizes Michelle's work summarizes the following (click for copy):

Work attitudes and preferences that distinguish successful entrepreneurs from the rest of the working population. (p 9)

Attitudes and motivations that correlate with venture success and failure. (p 11)

Attitudinal ‘blind spots’ and the impact of motivational bias in entrepreneurship (p 22)

Correlations between specific attitudes and funding, exits, profitability, and business sustainability and longevity. (p 17)

Critical differences required in entrepreneurial leadership between early and mature stage ventures. (p 14)

How venture success can increase through founder self-evaluation and application. (p 25)

The best way to learn about Fingerprint for Success is to visit the web site: https://www.fingerprintforsuccess.com.

On the site you'll see how Fingerprint for Success is connecting knowledge of motivation and attitude can be a real asset in successful entrepreneurship and business building.