New Book by Joe Yeager

Joe Yeager Lives On
in Spirit and Print!

Those of us who knew and loved Joe Yeager still treasure the smile, intellect, and sense of humor.

We just got a note from Linda Sommer Yeager announcing the publication of one of the books on which Joe was working.

The book is entitled:
The Organization Coach: Coaching for Rapid Behavior Change.

For those of you who use the language of influence in your work and who work in the context of large organizations, this is a great resource to consider. Joe was not only a brilliant neurolinguistic psychologist, but also, in partnership with Linda, was a powerful and effective consultant to leadership in organizations. Joe’s work blends the two forms of expertise.

Buy the Book

Talk about a value proposition! The book is being offered in electronic version on Amazon at $1.99.

The Organization Coach: Coaching for Rapid Behavior Change (Motivational Intelligence for Business)

The price is a gesture to friends of Joe in order to provide immediate and inexpensive asset.

You’ll find The Organization Coach to be down-to-earth and practical yet grounded in theory and practice that have been shown to work.