Motivation and the "Clock"

Motivation - just like everything else - does not last forever. Even when all circumstances are suitable and motivating, some people look for a change as their 'Clock' expires. But how do we know when?

People have different attitude to and need for change: some like things to be stable, some like their environment to change. Some like gradual changes, some need to shake up their world on a regular basis to stay motivated. In the work context this occurs as a need for a change in the role or job one fills, or the company one works for, or the geographic location.

     The iWAM reveals these 'change' patterns as      motivational patterns and shows us what our
     'Clock' looks like. The iWAM "Clock" answers
     the question "For how many years is a
     person willing to stay in a specific job or
or, after how many years one needs a
                                        change to be motivated again

Learning about a top-performer's need for change allows us to plan for the time when burnout would set in so that we can prevent it and retain our top talent. The information from the Clock also helps us make better career decisions and work-life planning.


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